Darren Coggan & Olivia Coggan – Dear August

Multi award winning performer, Darren Coggan and his daughter, seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter Olivia Coggan, collaborate to release a stunning collection of songs celebrating family, hope and home on their debut EP, ‘Dear August’.

The seven songs that feature on the EP are uplifting affirmations of the universal values we all hold true. In the world we live in today, being reminded that life is beautiful and to love one another is a mantra we all need.

The first single and title track of the EP, ‘Dear August’, is a song that will resonate with so many, a prayer for the sun to break through to a new day.

“During the endless months of lockdown throughout 2021, my version of ‘home schooling’ was to record this EP of some of our favourite songs that Olivia and I have naturally gravitated towards over the years. I am incredibly proud of Olivia and what we have captured and I hope that the songs bring joy to the listeners” commented Darren.

“Singing together is something that Dad and I have always done for as long as I can remember. In fact, there is a bonus track on the EP of a recording of Dad and I singing the Kasey Chambers song ‘Dad Do You Remember?’, when I was 8 years old, it’s pretty cute and a nice little time capsule to reflect upon” says Olivia

Olivia Coggan is emerging as a fabulous young singer/songwriter, gathering high praise from some of the music industry’s most respected performers including Kasey Chambers, Felicity Urquhart and Emma Pask. Olivia is currently writing songs for her debut release scheduled for 2022.

Darren Coggan is one of Australia’s most exciting and diverse artists – a masterful storyteller who has carved an impressive career in the Australian country music industry. Darren is equally at home in musicals and on screen, currently presenting the lifestyle TV program Sydney Weekender, but is probably best known for his critically acclaimed portrait of Cat Stevens, which has inspired audiences in the most prestigious theatres around the world, including sold out performances at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Liverpool Philharmonic.

Johnny Dan – Going Home For Christmas

Going Home For Christmas features Johnny Dan on vocals along with world famous musicians Matt Bissonnette (Elton John, David Lee Roth), Gregg Bissonette (Ringo Starr, David Lee Roth), Paul Bushnell (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill), Matt Laug (Alanis Morrisette, Slash), Bob “Boo” Bernstein (Dwight Yoakam, Tanya Tucker) and was mixed by LA legend and Grammy Winner Tom Weir at Studio City Sound and Mastered by Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen.

Kaylee Bell (feat. Lindsay Ell) – Living Free

Kaylee Bell is ecstatic to announce her next single “Living Free”, a collaboration with US superstar Lindsay Ell, will be out from November 5. “Living Free” is an anthemic single about living in the moment.

Living Free was written in Nashville by Bell along with Sam Sumser (produced Lizzo and Keith Urban), Michael Lotten and produced by Grammy nominated Lindsay Rimes and Simon Oscroft (Midnight Youth, Disney USA Producer).

Bell comments, “It was an honour to team up with Lindsay on this track, despite the global pandemic we were still able to work together from opposite sides of the world. This song is message of empowerment, and we can’t wait to play live together! I hope it’s a positive reminder for us all right now to focus on what really matters.”

Following the release of “Living Free”, Bell will also be releasing her next album “SILVER LININGS” on November 26, featuring collaborations with artists such as Lindsay Ell, The McClymonts, Josh Mirenda and more.

Bell was recently selected by Spotify to represent New Zealand Australians artists as the face of EQUAL Global Music Program, profiled on a massive billboard in Times Square New York. Bell’s single “Keith”, written as a tribute to Keith Urban, recently passed 5 million streams on all platforms making Bell the first Australasian artist since Kasey Chambers to pass five million of a song, an amazing achievement for a self-funded and self-managed independent artist.

Bell’s recent single “That Summer” was the most added song to mainstream radio in New Zealand for the month of May and Bell continues to reign as the Most Streamed Female Artist for Australasia.


Courtney Keil – Little Heartbreak

Courtney Keil continues her ascendancy as one of the best new talents on the Australian country scene with her latest single ‘Little Heartbreak’. The Melbourne based singer / songwriter has seen her previous three singles ‘Where Does All The Love Go’, ‘Hummingbird’, and ‘I Just Wanna Hold You’ all hit No.1 on the iTunes Country Singles charts, with the latter also peaking at #15 on TMN CountryTown Hot 50 airplay chart and earning a semi-finalist spot in the 2020 International Songwriters Competition.

‘Little Heartbreak’ is a song that adds to the rich, time-honoured tradition of lovelorn breakup songs in Country music. “This song is inspired by the challenges of dating and facing ‘little heartbreaks’. Events build on each other: the ‘what if’s,’ first date failures, falling for someone then being rejected”, Keil says. “Our main focus can be on major losses, long term relationship breakdown, and divorce which can underscore the pain and heartache of an ongoing dating cycle.”

Working with Rod McCormack at his Music Cellar studio on the NSW Central Coast, Keil took inspiration from one of the greats of 90s Country and worked with a few legends to bring the track to fruition. “I had the pleasure of writing this with Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, Sam Gay and Templeton Thompson. We were musically inspired by Lee Ann Womack’s 1997 release ‘Man With 18 Wheels’.”

‘Little Heartbreak’ is a bouncy and upbeat song that cleverly hides the pain within the lyric. As Keil sings “I know paper cuts aren’t deep, they still sting and bleed,” this is a song to be uplifted with, after an emotional knock-down. “I hope this song gives the listener space to process the ‘little heartbreaks’ and to honour the pain that comes with them, even if not as outwardly noticeable as the big breaks!” she says.

Keil is set to kick off 2022 in a big way as part of the ‘Country Girls’ Night Out’ tour playing with Gina Jeffreys and Tania Kernaghan, which commences in January at the 50th Tamworth Country Music Festival. She has also been playing the role of June Carter Cash alongside Daniel Thompson in “Johnny Cash: The Concert” throughout 2021 (pre-lockdown) which will be continuing in 2022.

Courtney Keil is well on her way to making an indelible mark on Australia’s country music landscape. ‘Little Heartbreak’ is the latest in a string of singles that has enchanted the hearts of fans everywhere and is set to find and even bigger audience. She is that rare talent to make sunshine out of rain, and that magic is why she is one of the most remarkable up-and-coming talents in Australia right now.

Michael Jay Hughes – Dirt Road Whiskey

Hello, you’ve heard MICHAEL JAY HUGHES’ hard-hitting song “Dirt Road Whiskey”….But you haven’t heard his two recently released singles….until now, and they are getting international attention. Check out new originals from MJH “Playing With Fire” and “Keith Whitley Songs”.
Additionally, Michael Jay sat down recently and answered some questions with Nashville Voyager Magazine. More to come and more music coming soon!!

Emma Dykes – Walk A Mile

Emma Dykes is shining a light on homelessness and spreading kindness with her latest single, ‘Walk A Mile’. Released on October 29, Emma was inspired to write ‘Walk A Mile’ after seeing how a homeless man was treated on the subway in New York.

The North Coast singer-songwriter joined forces with Golden Guitar winner Roger Corbett, and they crafted the song to show the human side of homelessness and to remind people to be kind.

“I went to Nashville to record the album, ‘The Riddle of Life’, and (husband) Aaron took me on the subway. There was a man who was telling his story of how he became homeless,” Emma said. “People pretended he wasn’t there and ignored him, but halfway through the trip, a lady and her Son got on the train. The little boy started playing with the man who was homeless and as people watched on, he became just a normal person on the train.

“I’ve always loved the saying ‘walk a mile in someone else’s shoes’. It could be that someone is having a bad day, it’s not necessarily about you, but they may have had rough times. We don’t know, and shouldn’t judge, without walking a mile in their shoes.” Emma said, from the outside looking in, you didn’t know what the man’s story was until he explained that his father had cancer and his family had ended up with no home.

“I wrote it with Roger Corbett when he offered to spend some time with me writing and mentoring. I knew Roger from the Academy of Country Music and it was so good to catch up with him and write something with the same essence but still a bit different to what I normally write,” she said.

“Walk A Mile reminds us that although we might not feel we have much to give people, you can always give them a smile and that’s really needed at the moment. It’s a nice time to release this song for that reason because it has a happy vibe and an inspirational feel.” Emma said we all needed a reminder to choose kindness now and then.

After becoming a mum to her son, Ryder, 18 months ago, it’s been a while between new singles for Emma, but she’s ready to pick up the guitar and get back into making music. “Being a mum now, ‘Walk A Mile’ hits home more than ever,” she said. “I want to make sure we’re going in the right direction in the world for him to grow up in. Our kid’s futures depend on the world we create today”.

Dave Herrera – Hella Country

Dave Herrera was inspired to write the song Hella Country after working and taking care of his family ranch which is located in a small town surrounded by rice fields, orchard farmers, cattle, vineyards and the hard working blue collar families that keep the small town going.

It’s not just music, it’s a lifestyle, living through and relying on a good or bad season where we might not get necessities like water, when we’re delivered a summer full of droughts or wild fires that alter the growing environments.

Herrera said “what Hella Country means to me is a culture of hard working, never giving up, and doing what we can to provide for our families with the environment that surrounds us.

Herrera wrote the track with the help of Cory Coppin co-writer and produced the track with co-producer Jeff Balding. “Hella Country” was recorded at WestRoc Studios.

Rachael Fahim – Darts In The Dark

Following the massive success of her debut EP “Iconic” and the recent summer smash, Australian #1 Country radio single “Middle Ground”, pop-country sensation Rachael Fahim is delivering another piece of musical gold, with the alluring “Darts In The Dark”, a song that is said to be Rachael’s BEST SONG YET!

Rachael co-wrote “
Darts In The Dark” during the 2021 ‘Country meets pop’ song camp with the songs producer Robby De Sa (The Veronicas / Maya Cumming / The McClymonts), Ned Philpott and US writer Rosi Golan, who has written hits for the likes of Little Big Town, Billy Currington, Lennon Stella and Christina Aguilera.

“When we wrote this song, I was talking about how I often feel stuck while everyone around me seems to be moving forward, life can be a rollercoaster, but you just have to sit back, enjoy the ride and just focus on your own path” says Fahim.

“Rosi had this amazing title and the song just flowed, we literally had a finished production 6 hours later!”

“Darts In The Dark” is the follow-up to her biggest hit ever on country radio, “Middle Ground”, which spent a massive 5 weeks at #1 on the official Australian Country singles airplay chart earlier this year.

Rachael Fahim has been the most streamed Australian female pop-country artist for the last 3 years with over 11 million audio streams since the release of her “Iconic” EP.

The 2017 Star Maker winner has previously been globally promoted as a “Countrywide” feature artist on Apple Music and an “Artist to Watch” on Spotify.

Rachael achieved commercial pop radio airplay with the single, Even If I Wanted To” featuring Brad Cox in 2019. The track was the 2nd most added song to Australian radio the week of release.

Darlinghurst – Bad Things

Darlinghurst’s long awaited, self-titled debut album debuted at #1 on the ARIA Country Album Chart, #1 on the ARIA Australian Country chart, #9 on the ARIA Album Chart and #1 on the AIR 100% Independent Album Chart.

Over the past two years Darlinghurst have scored 6 x Top 5 The Music Network CountryTown Hot 50 airplay chart hits, were nominated for their very first Golden Guitar for New Talent of the Year and performed at the Groundwater Country Music Festival, Deni Ute Muster, Gympie Music Muster, Live & Loud Stage Tamworth as well as open for artists such as Jimmy Barnes, James Blundell, The Wolfe Brothers and The Black Sorrows.

‘Bad Things’ is the cheekiest track off Darlinghurst’s debut album, sung by the two ‘naughty’ ones of the band! Cassie and Pagan. “We’re pretty confident women, and we thought it was very important for us to put it out there, that it’s okay for women to be expressive; and feel empowered to make decisions about what they desire without judgment.” says Cassie. “And it’s also a cheeky song with a play on words that can raise an eyebrow or two! But yes, throw your hair in the wind, and be you. Just be you!”